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May 17


FunMat课题组老师参加美的集团技术战略论坛并受聘为美的集团技术顾问 2016年5月13日,Funmat课题组侯慧杰副教授、刘冰川副教授应邀参加了美的集团在佛山顺德总部的技术战略论坛,并同时受聘为美的集团在传感器、水...

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May 18

Gaoyou “National Thousand Talents Scheme” Battery Institute

Prof?J. Hu was invited to attend the “Gathering of Talents in Gaoyou” event, and invloved in the ceremony of Gaoyou “National Thousand Talents Scheme” Battery Institute on 18?May 2014. 5月18日,课...

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May 8

Visit to Metal Smelting-Plant for Al and Pb Recycling in Xiangyang

Prof Hu attended a delegate to visit a local metal smelting plant for Al and Pb recycling in Xiangyang on 08 May 2014. 5月8日,本课题组胡敬平教授参加了湖北省襄阳一家金属回收冶炼厂的调研活动,并带回一...

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Apr 26

Attending an Oxford Delegate for a Visit to Industry in Wenzhou

Prof. Hu joined a group of Oxford almuni delegates to visit the industry in Whenzhou City, Zhejiang Province on 26 April 2014. 4月26日,受温州市商务局邀请,课题组胡敬平教授去浙江温州参加了”牛津大学博...

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